Leyla McCalla

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A Haitian-American who sings in French, Haitian Creole and English, Leyla McCalla plays cello, tenor banjo and guitar. Deeply influenced by traditional Creole, Cajun and Haitian music, as well as by American jazz and folk, her music is at once earthy, elegant, soulful and witty — it vibrates with three centuries of history, yet also feels strikingly fresh, distinctive and …


The Long Players

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(source – thelongplayers.com) The Long Players are a group of Nashville-based musicians who have, since 2004, taken classic albums and performed them live in their original sequence. Recruiting guest artists from their exceptional musical community, the band has celebrated over 50 seminal albums over the last seven years and gained national notoriety with feature news stories by NPR Radio ALL …


Tim Akers & The Smoking Section – VIP Event

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Performing at Puckett’s Upstairs on Friday, October 2nd for the VIP sponsor event. A limited number of  wristbands will be available for this event and the festival. Wristband sales will begin in late August, watch for the announcement. Tim Akers is a keyboard player and band leader for Tim Akers and The Smoking Section, songwriter, arranger and producer living in …


Wendy Moten

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When Wendy Moten talks about her more than 20 years in the music industry, a few words come up over and over: growing, collaborating, learning. Lucky, fortunate. A surprising juxtaposition emerges: one of pop music’s most powerful voices, who hopes that her legacy will be as a collaborator, open to creating great art. It’s a refreshing perspective from a vocalist …

Sam Lewis Press Photo - crop

Sam Lewis

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With his compelling songs, stirring melodies, and preternaturally soulful voice, Sam Lewis has quickly established himself as one of Nashville’s most talented new tunesmiths. Waiting On You – his sophomore album via Brash Music and follow-up to 2012’s self-titled debut – reverberates with earnest emotion and restless energy, rich with the intimate lyricism of folk, country’s raw integrity, and a …